Garden Installations

Garden Design

We create gardens that blend with South Florida's natural and rugged beauty. They are bright outdoor spaces infused with fruit trees, spices and native plants. A place for gathering with friends and family, a place that inspires exploration for both children and adults, a place for sharing and nourishing. They often feature winding paths, lots of blooming plants and hardy drought tolerant species. With more than 15 years of experience growing food in South Florida and building gardens in residential, educational and hospitality settings, our team is ready to dream up a unique garden for you. 


Pricing for our garden design package is based on a percentage of the total project budget. 


Kitchen Garden

Let us help you get started on your gardening journey by installing a set of raised beds in your sunniest spot. Raised vegetable garden beds can be as simple as pre-fab aluminum Vego Gardens planters, or built out of wood to fit the look and feel of your home. Two beds provide about 60 square feet of growing space which is a good amount to start experimenting with growing some of your own . We usually recommend starting with kitchen herbs, leafy greens and a handful of veggies like tomatoes, peppers and broccoli.


A set of two raised beds fully installed and planted using organic materials & plants starts at $2660.

Estate Gardens

There is more to growing food than raised beds. The beauty of living in South Florida is taking advantgae of the many tropical fruits and spices we can grow. Our favorite type of garden includes many elements that work together to create a wholistic garden system that produces value year round. Imagine having it all… raised beds for growing vegetables and herbs, fruit trees, native and pollinator plants to attract butterflies and create privacy as well as sustainable groundcovers planted instead of grass.

Pricing for this type of job depends on design elements and scale.

Ready to get started on your gardening journey? It starts with a virtual consultation. Tell us all about your gardening hopes and dreams so we can design something perfect just for you!


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