Garden Installations

Raised Bed Veggie Garden

Let us help you get started on your backyard gardening journey by installing a set of raised beds in your sunniest spot. Our raised vegetable garden beds come in a simple pine wood construction or classic alumizinc Vego and are long lasting, easy to maintain, and provide fun and educational moments for the whole family. Two beds provide about 60 square feet of growing space which is plenty of room for you to grow all of the culinary herbs you need to be creative in the kitchen, plus fresh salad greens and a handful of your favorite vegetables like cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and spicy peppers.


A set of two raised beds fully installed and planted using organic materials & plants starts at 1990$.

Terrace Garden

Just because you don’t have a big grassy backyard doesn’t mean you can’t grow your own veggies, greens and herbs. Plenty of our clients grow themselves food in raised planters on terraces, decks, balconies and on hardscaping around pools or even on the driveway. Oftentimes there are the sunniest parts of a landscape, or the least accessible to resident iguanas and large dogs. Elevated planters are also an empowering option for those with mobility issues because they don’r require much bending to access.

The elevated planters we use are built from cypress wood and aluminum and start at 1200$ for approximately 16 square feet of growing space, fully planted using organic materials & plants.

Estate Gardens

If a large scale transformation of your properties green spaces is what you are after we can make it happen. Even a small lot can provide you and your family with so many wondrous spaces. Imagine having it all… raised beds for growing vegetables and herbs, fruit trees around the edges, a hedge of native trees and pollinator friendly plants creating privacy in the front yard, butterfly garden for the kids and even sustainable groundcovers planted instead of grass!

Pricing for this type of job depends heavily on design elements and scale.

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