Organic Garden Maintenance

Seasonal Replanting

Wether its fall, winter, spring or summer theres always something new to plant in your vegetable garden. Our fall seasonal planting visits are a way to “open up” your garden for the busy vegetable season ahead. We weed and work the soil, add compost and organic fertilizers and plant the first vegetable plants of the season like heirloom tomatoes, broccoli, kale, cucumbers and culinary herbs like rosemary cilantro and thyme. For winter we can add less heat tolerant varieties like salad lettuce, celery, lavender and edible flowers like pansies & violas. A springtime seasonal planting visit would focus on heat tolerant asian greens, eggplants, spicy peppers and appropriate herbs that will keep your garden producing into June. And while summer growing isn’t for the faint of heart, we can fill your garden with heat tolerant perennial greens and other special heat loving crops to keep you producing year round.

A typical fall seasonal replanting on a two raised bed garden (approx. 60 square feet), which includes all the plants of your choosing, costs about 800$.

Monthly Maintenance

Once your garden is planted there is still lots to do. If you need a helping hand taking care of your garden, dealing with pest issues or getting ahead of your weeds we can help. Our super knowledgeable team of garden enthusiasts are ready to come work their magic on your garden, big or small. A typical maintenance visit consists of weeding, adding organic fertility, harvesting whats ready, replanting new crops for continual production, and organic pest management. A maintenance visit is also a great time to have any and all of your questions answered by our team. We can perform maintenance on your garden at any time however we recommend monthly visits to keep it healthy and productive.

A typical monthly maintenance visit on a 60 square foot garden costs about 400$. We do offer discounts for maintenance on larger gardens.

Summer Closing Visit

While the beginning of summer marks the end of our traditional vegetable growing season that doesn’t mean that we as gardeners are done working in the garden. Growing is cyclical in nature and the “off months” of summer when many people aren’t using their spaces to grow food offer a rich opportunity to build soil and improve soil health for next season. We can close your garden for Summer in a number of ways that protect your beds from weeds and pests, and organically build new soil, encourage beneficial soil life and increase naturally occuring fertility. Adding thick layers of organic matter like manure, compost and straw will protect your soil and slowly compost on top of your soil to add more nutrients and life. Planting cover crops like buckwheat or Sunn hemp will do the same plus they will benefit pollinators in your yard and bonus; they look beautiful.


Email us to discuss scheduling a seasonal planting or maintenance visit with us. Include photos of your garden and dimensions so we can provide you with an accurate estimate.


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