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Culinary herbs is a broad and diverse category of plants that includes many different families of plants that grow in many different ways. Most culinary herbs are herbaceous and fragrant green leaves that people use in small amounts to flavor their food. Many of these plants also have medicinal uses and are consumed as teas or made into tinctures or even smudge sticks. We've also included some spices like black pepper vine or allspice tree in this category.

All live vegetable starts are potted in 4" round plastic pots unless otherwise noted in the description and are approximately 6 weeks old. 

If you're wondering why we have limited selection right now and you don't see many of your favorite herbs like dill, parsley oregano or cilantro its because the growing season in South Florida for those herbs is the fall, winter & spring. Summer growing is very unique and is concentrated mostly on perennial tropical climate plants like lemongrass & turmeric. We only sell plants that are "season appropriate" so that our customers don't buy the wrong thing and get frustrated when their garden doesn't succeed, so take a look at what we have in stock and we encourage you to try some of these unique varieties in your summer garden.