Edible flowers are one of our favorite specialty crops that we've been growing in the farm & nursery for a few years now. While buying edible flowers can be really pricey growing your own in your garden is easy and affordable. We've seen beauties like fancy pansies & red nasturtiums going for as much as 50 cents per blossom online and in specialty grocery stores... for the price of one plant you could theoretically grow yourself hundreds of those flowers throughout the season. Fun edible flower tip: the more you harvest the tender blossoms the more your plant will produce, so don't be shy about picking & eating once your plants get going. Edible flowers can be dehydrated, pressed, candied, frozen into ice cubes for fun drinks, or used fresh for flavor, decoration & dye. 

Edible flowers are some of our least heat tolerant varieties so most of them are only available during fall and winter. Also, don't forget that lots of vegetables make flowers that are edible like cucumbers, squash, okra, basil and snap peas. 

All live vegetable starts are potted in 4" round plastic pots unless otherwise noted in the description and are approximately 6 weeks old.