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"Greens" is a very diverse category of plants that encompasses all plants that produce a green leaf that you eat (instead of say, a seed pod or a fruit). Most greens can be eaten at any stage of growth from sprout (aka microgreen) to baby leaf to full grown and flowering. Arugula is a great example of the versatility in age, harvest & cooking method of a typical green. Arugula can be eaten raw as a microgreen at just 8-10 days old, or planted less densely and harvested "cut and come again" style for baby salad leaves at 21 days old, or it can be planted at 1 plant per square foot and allowed to mature for large spicy cooking leaf production. 

Fall is a great time to plant all of your longer season large brassicas like broccoli kale and collard greens and also start your season off with some heat tolerant baby greens like bok choi mustard and arugula. We stock our nursery with a diverse selection of lettuces starting in November when the weather cools just a bit.